25 – 27 July 2024 | Adelaide Convention Centre | Adelaide, South Australia

Lifestyle Medicine 2024 will be taking place Thursday 25 – Saturday 27 July 2024 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The 6th annual Lifestyle Medicine international conference will focus on the central theme of:

‘Empowering Lifestyle Medicine: Unleashing Passion, Practice and Prosperity’.

Further details will be announced soon and registrations will be open shortly.

In the meantime, you can revisit our 2023 event below.

Presented by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, LM23 BETTER HEALTH FOR ALL is a 2-day international conference offering high-level training for health professionals in the application of Lifestyle Medicine. Specifically, LM23 will focus on inclusive and responsive health practices for disadvantaged and minority populations.

Just announced! LM23 is now approved for 26.5 hours RACGP & ACRRM CPD. 

This is made up of 21.5 hours for the main conference and an extra 5 hours for the pre-conference workshop.


8-9 September 2023 | Pullman Albert Park | Melbourne, Australia


Held in September 2023 in Melbourne, LM23 BETTER HEALTH FOR ALL unpacked the ways in which Lifestyle Medicine can be used to advance healthcare and health equity among disadvantaged and under-served communities. This conference primarily focused on providing practical skills and equipping delegates to implement new learnings in practice.

If you missed this year’s event, you can purchase access to the recordings (excluding the pre-conference workshops).

Pricing:  Members: $425      Non-members: $495    Student members: $190

Access the Conference Recordings below (ensure you are logged into your ASLM account)


Presented by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, LM23 BETTER HEALTH FOR ALL is a 2-day international conference offering high-level training for health professionals in the application of Lifestyle Medicine.

Lifestyle Medicine addresses the root causes of disease with evidence-based lifestyle behaviours including exercise, diet, sleep, social connectivity and stress management. Compared to most other medicines, it is relatively inexpensive, widely accessible, safe, and free of all but good side effects. As such, it is well placed to improve health outcomes among marginalised and disadvantaged communities.

If you are a clinician, allied health practitioner or health professional wanting to learn about the latest evidence for Lifestyle Medicine in chronic disease treatment, and how to implement it in practice, join us at LM23! With an emphasis on practical learning, panel discussions, and providing real-world skills, we will discover the ways in which Lifestyle Medicine can be used to advance healthcare and health equity among disadvantaged and underserved communities.

LM22 Video – Cairns, July 2022



Optional pre-conference workshop

12pm - 5pm

LM23 ‘Better Health For All’ – Advancing Health Equity for First Nations Australians Pre-Conference Workshop

Lake Room

This pre-conference workshop is designed to explore the role of Lifestyle Medicine in achieving equitable health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

MC - Kellie Kerin - Arrernte woman from the central desert

  • Arrival lunch

  • Bunurong Land Council Welcome to Country

  • Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation & GP Wellbeing (Dr Hung The Nguyen)

  • A walk in four seasons - A brief case series in applying Lifestyle Medicine in looking after four Aboriginal men (Troy Walker)

  • Diabetes Reversal in Aboriginal Women: The DRAW study (A/Prof John Stevens and Waminda)

  • Hunter Primary Care Shared Health Appointments (SHAs) - Revolutionising virtual healthcare to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic disease (Claudine Ford and Kate Wood)

  • Northern Territory Primary Health Network and ASLM: SMAs in the Northern Territory - Feasibility trials with three Northern Territory Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations

  • Afternoon tea

  • Mental health and wellbeing from a nutrition perspective (Jeffrey Morgan)

  • Tools to take home

Registrations for the pre-conference workshop are now full.



Main conference

7am - 8am
Morning wellbeing activities

Dr Paul Stevens - 'Breath awareness, pranayama and conscious breathing for building resilience' - Lake Room.
7am - 9am
Registrations open
9am - 11am

Plenary - Setting the scene 'Better Health For All'

Ballroom 1-4

The case for Lifestyle Medicine in advancing health equity for all with a focus on the experiences of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, Māori and Pasifika people

Featuring: Dr Darren Morton (MC), Dr Hung The Nguyen, Roni Beauchamp, Dr Nick Coatsworth, Dr Jon Wardle, Prof Bob Morgan AO, and Anah Aikman

11am - 11:30am
Morning tea and poster viewing
11:30am - 1pm

Plenary - Lifestyle Medicine in practice

Ballroom 1-4

Practitioner and patient stories from the Lifestyle Medicine community

Featuring: Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore (MC)

Dr Bethan Ganderton - 'Take your coat off so I can see how fat you are - How weight stigma impacts patients with lipoedema'

Dr Wendy Sweet - 'Making sense of Lifestyle Medicine for menopause'

Abdimalik Aden - Talk title being finalised

1pm - 2pm
Lunch, networking and poster viewing

Special optional lunch seminar featuring Dr Helena Popovic - 'How our beliefs affect our biology' - Lake Room
2pm - 3:30pm

Breakout session - Culinary nutrition and healthy eating for all

Ballroom 1-2

The science and practice of healthy fats: Using culinary nutrition and the Mediterranean diet to facilitate healthy eating

Featuring: Dr Joanna McMillan, Emma Stirling, and A/Prof Karen Murphy

Breakout session - Social Prescribing

Ballroom 3-4

Hear from practitioners, providers, and those with lived experiences about this innovative and integral component of care


Rob Rees - Talk title being finalised

Dr Alex Maxwell - 'Social Prescribing ‘Best Practise’: Lessons learnt from the UK'

Siân Slade - Talk title being finalised

Tony Varcoe - 'Nature settings for Social Prescribing'

Courtney – a Living Experience advocate and Kindred Clubhouse member

Breakout session - Embracing Lifestyle Medicine in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities

Lake Room

What opportunities exist to improve how we deliver Lifestyle Medicine to patients and clients from culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Featuring: Mumtaz Masoud, Naw Hlar Phaw, and Huda Saba

3:30pm - 4pm
Afternoon tea and poster viewing
4pm - 5:30pm

ASLM Annual General Meeting

Ballroom 3-4

All members and prospective members are invited to attend

5:30pm - 8pm

Networking function and ASLM awards ceremony

Ballroom Foyer

An exclusive Lifestyle Medicine networking event featuring Dr Joanna McMillan (MC), Dr Ahmed Kazmi, and Dr Fraser Quin


Main conference

7am - 8am
Morning wellbeing activities

5km annual run/walk around Albert Park Lake - Albert Park Lake

La Onda Phillip Island Chi & Flow with Liam and Abbie - Lake Room
7am - 9am
Registrations open
9am - 11am

Plenary - Empowering change: Implementing Lifestyle Medicine into policy, guidelines and settings

Ballroom 1-4

Discover opportunities for Lifestyle Medicine beyond the front-line

Featuring: Dr Joanna McMillan (MC)

Dr Tim Senior -'Is Lifestyle Medicine just for the rich?'

Karen Booth - Title being finalised

Dr Darren Morton and Lisa Chalmers - 'Lifestyle Medicine for school-aged people'

A/Prof John Stevens - 'Medical Yarn Ups: Reversing & Preventing Type 2 Diabetes'

11am - 11:30am
Morning tea and poster viewing
11:30am - 1pm

Plenary - Practitioner implementation of Lifestyle Medicine

Ballroom 1-4

Be inspired by practitioner-led Lifestyle Medicine programs and leave empowered with specialised skills in behaviour change and communicating lifestyle with patients

Featuring: Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore (MC)

Monique Jones - 'The Emerald Wellbeing Program'

Rosy Strong - 'Be Well, Live Well - a mindful and compassionate approach to health behaviour change'

Caroline Bills - 'Delivering Lifestyle Information – Gaining clarity on what to say, how to say it and when to say it'

Kim Poyner - Lifestyle as Medicine in Clinical Practice

1pm - 2pm
Lunch, networking and poster viewing

Special optional lunch seminar featuring Dr Helena Popovic - 'How our beliefs affect our biology' - Lake Room
2pm - 2:30pm

Scientific abstracts

Ballrooms 1-2 and 3-4

Where evidence meets practice

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Breakout session - Lifestyle Medicine for all genders and identities

Ballroom 1-2

Delivering evidence-based and inclusive Lifestyle Medicine for all genders and cultural identities

Dr Sara Whitburn - 'How to talk to people about sexual health'

Dr Nic Brayshaw and Vic Harden - 'Equity & Lifestyle Medicine: Transgender and Diversity''

Breakout session - Behaviour change for priority populations

Ballroom 3-4

A hands-on discovery of facilitating sustainable behaviour change incorporating social determinants of health

Featuring: Dr Sam Manger, Dr Jill Gamberg and Sharon Curtain

Breakout session - Natural disaster and trauma-informed care

Lake Room

Opportunities for Lifestyle Medicine in supporting mental health, wellbeing and resilience with a focus on regional settings

Featuring: Prof Jon Wardle and Luke Elias

3:30pm - 4pm
Afternoon tea and poster viewing
4pm - 5:30pm

Closing plenary - Better health for all and Lifestyle Medicine for everyone

Ballroom 1-4

Join Lifestyle Medicine pioneers and thought leaders to discuss the immediate opportunities to advance health equity through Lifestyle as Medicine

ASLM Fellowship ceremony

Farewell drinks



LM23 Speakers (Abdimalik Aden) Headshot

Abdimalik Aden

Lived Experience Speaker

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Anah Aikman Headshot

Anah Aikman

Registered Nurse with experience in Māori and Indigenous Leadership

Read bio
Caroline Bills Headshot

Caroline Bills

Clinical Practice Change Specialist

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Karen Booth Headshot

Karen Booth

President Australian Primary Health Care Nurse Association (APNA)

Read bio
Dr Nic Brayshaw Headshot

Dr Nic Brayshaw

General Practitioner

Read bio
Lisa Chalmers Headshot

Lisa Chalmers

Director of Health and Wellbeing and Nurse

Read bio
Dr Nick Coatsworth Headshot

Dr Nick Coatsworth

Physician, Health Policy Expert and Medical Spokesperson

Read bio

Sharon Curtain

Health Coach, Dietitian and Lecturer in Lifestyle Medicine

Read bio
Luke Elias headshot

Luke Elias

Director, Operations & Engagement NNSW Healthy North Coast

Read bio
Flavia Fayet Moore Headshot

Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore

Scientist, Dietitian, Space Nutritionist and Entrepreneur

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Jill Gamberg

Dr Jill Gamberg

General Practitioner and Lecturer in Lifestyle Medicine

Read bio

Dr Bethan Ganderton

General Practitioner

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Vic Harden

Vic Harden

Trans and Gender Diverse in Community Health (TGDiCH) Training Project Lead

Read bio

Lily Henderson

Public Health Dietitian

Read bio

Monique Jones

EMERALD Wellbeing Coordinator & Nurse

Read bio
Ahmed Kazmi Headshot

Dr Ahmed Kazmi

Dermatologist, General Practitioner & Comedian

Read bio
Liam and Abbie headshot

Liam and Abbie

Pharmacist, Breathwork and Ice Bath Facilitator & Yoga Teacher

Read bio
Sam Manger Headshot

Dr Sam Manger

General Practitioner & ASLM Vice President

Read bio
Dr Alex Maxwell Headshot

Dr Alex Maxwell

President British Society of Lifestyle Medicine & Doctor

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Mumtaz Masood

Mumtaz Masoud

Health educator with Multicultural Centre of Women’s Health

Read bio
Dr Joanna McMillan Headshot

Dr Joanna McMillan

Dietitian, Nutrition Scientist & Food Futurist

Read bio
Prof RV Bob Morgan AO Headshot

Prof R.V. Bob Morgan AO

Leader in Aboriginal Education & Training

Read bio
A/Prof Karen Murphy headshot

A/Prof Karen Murphy

Researcher with 25 years’ experience in Nutrition and Dietetics

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Naw Hlar Phaw

Naw Hlar Phaw

Health educator with Multicultural Centre of Women’s Health

Read bio

Kim Poyner

Health Coach, Nurse & Health Strategist

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Rob Rees

Rob Rees

CEO of Cultivating Community

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Huda Saba

Huda Saba

Health educator with Multicultural Centre of Women’s Health

Read bio
Dr Tim Senior Headshot

Dr Tim Senior

Co-Chair of Specific Interests Network on Deprivation and Poverty in the RACGP

Read bio
Siân Slade Headshot

Siân Slade

Project Founder & Chair #NavigatingHealth

Read bio

A/Prof John Stevens

Nurse & ASLM Board Member

Read bio
Dr Paul Stevens Headshot

Dr Paul Stevens

Medical Doctor, ASLM Fellow, Naturopath and Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Read bio
Emma Stirling Headshot

Emma Stirling

Food Science, Gastronomy and Culinary Nutrition Specialist

Read bio
Dr Wendy Sweet Headshot

Dr Wendy Sweet

Menopause Educator (PhD)

Read bio
LM23 Speakers - Tony Varcoe

Tony Varcoe

Director of Community Programs and Partnerships – Parks Victoria

Read bio
LM23 Speakers Jon Wardle

Prof Jon Wardle

Professor of Public Health and Director of the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine

Read bio
LM23 Speakers - Sara Whitburn

Dr Sara Whitburn

Senior Medical Educator & GP Sexual Health Victoria

Read bio

More speakers to be announced soon.


ASLM Members

  • ASLM members and practitioner members


  • ASLM Student members


  • All other registrations

Registrations are limited!


Albert Park, Melbourne

LM23: Better Health For All will be held on the lands of the Bunurong People, at the Pullman Albert Park.

The conference venue, spans both the Pullman Albert Park and Mecure Albert Park. For convenience, conference presenters, delegates and exhibitors are welcome to book their accommodation at the special conference rates of:

Pullman Albert Park (5 star): $240 per night

Mecure Albert Park (4 star): $190 per night

Pullman Albert Park Jogger


Recent years have seen exponential growth in the recognition and impact of Lifestyle Medicine around the world. This, without question, is a direct result of our growing collective voice, spearheaded by a small group of passionate leaders in our community. It is important to recognise the enormous impact of these leaders who have contributed to the field of Lifestyle Medicine in particularly influential ways. As such, the following Lifestyle Medicine Awards for professionals, students, trainees and registrars are now presented annually at ASLM’s Lifestyle Medicine Conference.

Nominations are now open for:

  • Pioneer of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine Changemaker Australia
  • Lifestyle Medicine Changemaker New Zealand
  • Lifestyle Medicine Changemaker Organisation
  • Student Leadership in Lifestyle Medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine Rising Star


Thank you to the sponsors and exhibitors of LM23: Better Health For All who help make this event possible.

Companies that exhibit or sponsor ASLM events are those who want to connect with our audience. Their presence does not indicate an endorsement of their products or services by ASLM

More information

Our Conference Team is available to answer any further questions you may have about the LM23 Conference.

Please contact our office to speak with them: +61 3 7020 6996, or email .