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ASLM is grateful for the trust our members and customers place in us when they purchase a membership or a service through our website. These services include such activities as registering for a conference, workshop, exam or online learning, or to exhibit at a conference. As a registered health promotion charity improving the health of Australians and New Zealanders, we deeply appreciate and need your support!

In line with our principles of transparency, fairness and sustainability, we aim to provide fair and reasonable policies around fees, service delivery, privacy and data, and any other reasonable expectations you may have of us.

This page describes our policies and procedures and applies to all online interactions with the society, except where otherwise stated or where state or national laws, policies or official guidance take priority.

Fees and cancellation

Our fees are made up of a non-refundable administration component (administration fee) and a development/delivery component which is refundable subject to the timing of cancellation (cancellation fee) as described below.

The non-refundable administration fee recognises that there are operational costs to ASLM of developing, resourcing and organising services or events and making them available for access or registration, along with costs of receiving, processing and servicing your transaction.

This fee is included in the price of all ASLM services, which unless otherwise stated on the product page for the service on the website, is $55 per transaction, e.g. per membership or per registration for an event or enrolment in an online course. Please note all fees provided on this page include GST.

The cancellation fee recognises that there are costs to ASLM when you cancel a service you have purchased from us close to the time of delivery. This is in addition to the administration fee.

This fee provides for costs that we are obliged to pay to third parties, such as, to a hotel or venue when holding a conference or workshop, or for opportunity cost, such as the lost opportunity of enough time to ‘replace’ cancelled registrations through timely marketing and promotion. Cancellation fees vary according to the nature of the service and the date of cancellation, but unless otherwise stated on the product page for the service on the website.

Cancellation fees vary according to the nature of the service and the date of cancellation. 

Cancellation by you

For face to face services, including workshops, conferences, seminars and exams:

  • 30 days: within 30 days of the event, the cancellation fee is $55 per registered day (e.g. maximum of $165 for a three-day conference).
  • 7 days: within 7 days of the event, the cancellation fee is $110 per registered day (e.g. maximum of $330 for a three-day conference).

For electronic services, including membership and online learning:

  • With a defined delivery date, e.g. an online course that starts with a cohort on a given date there is no cancellation fee until within 7 days, in which case the cancellation fee is $55 per transaction or registration per person
  • Delivered immediately online: there is no cancellation fee

There may be occasions where delivery of a service like a conference or workshop must be postponed, for example due to circumstances not within our control, in which case your registration will be transferred to the postponed event.

When you register to attend a face to face event, such as a workshop or conference that requires you to arrange travel and accommodation, you understand that you are taking a risk that the event will go ahead on the advertised dates and location, and the choices you make regarding travel and accommodation are not reimbursable by us.

We recommend always booking travel and accommodation that is refundable and/or transferrable until at least 30 days prior to the event. For our part, we will make every effort to ensure that if an event has to be reconfigured, cancelled or postponed for any reason, that we will make this decision and inform you at least 30 days prior to the event.

We understand that people will often book non-refundable airfares/accommodation to get cheaper prices, but we cannot be held responsible for those choices, or for the cost of making changes to those arrangements.

We understand that in order to attend a face to face event, you may need to take time off work and may incur loss of earnings by doing so.

You understand that this is outside of our control and is your undertaking alone.

Where we are not able to deliver a service as planned or as advertised, we will make every effort to redevelop and/or reconfigure the service to be delivered in an alternate and/or reconfigured format, whether the same or different location and dates, including online delivery, in fulfilment of our commitment to you.

Unless we have been shown to be negligent in our duty causing loss or harm, our potential liability to you is limited to the price you have paid us for the service in question.

  • On becoming a member or renewing a membership, you are given immediate access to the member resources in your account on the website, including the ability to download and store materials, to communicate with other members and to view member only content, membership is taken as delivered on the date of joining and is therefore non-refundable for the current year.
  • In the event of future years paid in advance, a refund less the administration fee will be made.

Last reviewed 22 July 2022

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