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Connecting ASLM practitioners with the patients and clients who need their care. The patient-facing directory is here!

ASLM is excited to announce Health Hunter as a membership partner.

Health Hunter is uniquely designed to connect patients with practitioners who specialise in preventative approaches and treat the root cause of chronic health conditions. 

This partnership will feature ASLM members on the Health Hunter platform, providing an opportunity for potential patients and clients to connect and book directly with your practice.

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What is Health Hunter?

Created with the mission to increase access and awareness for preventative health, Health Hunter is designed to improve health outcomes and prevent disease. Health Hunter is designed to connect patients with practitioners who specialise in preventive approaches and who treat the root cause of chronic health conditions.

Their patient-facing platform houses a curated network of professionals who are leaders in the field of preventative health, including Lifestyle Medicine experts.

With the public-facing Health Hunter platform, patients are able to search for and book with medical and allied health practitioners based on location and special interests.

How it works for members

As a benefit of membership, ASLM Practitioner Members have the opportunity to be automatically featured on the Health Hunter platform, providing you with a direct opportunity to acquire new patients and clients interested in a Lifestyle Medicine approach.

ASLM members will receive a complimentary trial period as a ‘Featured Practitioner Profile’. This profile type will allow you to optimise your patient acquisition and share specific information about your experience and approach. You can also upload resources to help the right patients find you faster.

ASLM practitioner members will receive unique badges to identify and elevate yourselves on the platform. ASLM Fellows, Certificated professionals, and ASLM Accredited Doctors and Allied Health Practitioners will be awarded additional badges signifying their expertise and leadership in Lifestyle Medicine.

How to get listed

You don’t need to do anything. ASLM Practitioner Members will be seamlessly integrated into the Health Hunter platform shortly after joining. The initial ASLM application form will capture most of the information Health Hunter will need to set up your professional listing.

ASLM members will be given the opportunity to decline to be featured when joining ASLM or at anytime once they have been listed.

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Ivana top profile Health Hunter

Examples of the Health Hunter platform and profile.

Protecting your privacy

The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) is committed to protecting your data and privacy. We will always treat your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

In order to deliver on our promise to provide ASLM members with a patient-facing directory, ASLM is working in partnership with Health Hunter. Your publicly listed profile will be featured and hosted on the Health Hunter website. Their expertise in marketing and patient acquisition will provide you with the best chance of connecting with new patients and clients interested in Lifestyle Medicine.

ASLM Practitioner Members receive four months’ complimentary listing as a Featured Practitioner.

Health Hunter is tailored to showcase your specialist areas of expertise and to attract and match patients seeking your specific practice, in your location.

Being listed as a premium featured practitioner on Health Hunter offers numerous benefits: 

  • Increased visibility and credibility within your chosen interest areas, 
  • Driving targeted prospective patients, searching specialists for certain health concerns or seeking lifestyle medicine practitioners.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it effortless for patients to discover you, learn about your services, and request appointments – driving patient acquisition and helping you grow your business.

In order to create your profile, ASLM will share the following existing data about you with Health Hunter:

  1. First name, last name
  2. Email
  3. Address
  4. Country
  5. State
  6. Postcode
  7. Profession
  8. Phone number
  9. Company
  10. Fellowship Status
  11. Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine status
  12. ASLM Accreditation in Lifestyle Medicine status
  13. Biography (where available)

We understand that many members may have used personal, rather than business information for their ASLM accounts. The team of marketing professionals at Health Hunter can undertake a search to verify your details with publicly available information to ensure that your profile relates to your business details only. They may also be able to help build an expert profile for you by curating missing biographies and special interests based on available information.

Personal details will be shared with Health Hunter on or shortly after Monday 8 April 2024. If you would like to update your details with ASLM before this date, please click here.

Your Premium Featured Practitioner profile will also be available for you to review and update in draft form for a period of time (dates to be confirmed soon) prior to launching live to the public.

Your personal data will only be used for the purpose of establishing your Practitioner Profile and for Health Hunter to provide you with ongoing service on their platform.

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