Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs), or ‘Group Visits’, are “A series of consecutive individual medical consultations in a supportive group setting where all can listen, interact, and learn.”

As such, SMAs are both an individual consultation and an informal group education session, and:

  • Increase clinical cost-efficiency
  • Use peer support for better outcomes
  • Mean not repeating yourself ad nauseum
  • Improve clinical teamwork
  • Increase patient/provider satisfaction
  • Make clinical practice more fun!

Watch this webinar, held live on 28 February 2018, to learn more about SMAs, how they work, and the potential for conducting SMAs in your practice.

What’s covered?


This webinar was designed to answer common questions regarding Shared Medical Appointments, including what they are, the existing research, and derivatives of the SMA concept. It explores:

  • What SMAs are and how they work
  • How they are being used overseas and in Australasia
  • Research into SMAs, especially around patient and provider satisfaction
  • Derivatives of the SMA concept, e.g. Programmed SMAs (pSMAs) and use in non-medical settings
  • Assessing the potential for SMAs in your practice

Watch the recording:

Answering your questions

Garry Egger

Prof Garry Egger (Pioneer of SMAs in Australia)


John Stevens

A/Prof John Stevens (Pioneer of SMAs in Australia)


Stephen Penman

Stephen Penman (Executive Director)

MAppSc(Res), GC(Tert Teach Learn)
Jordhana Clark

Jordhana Clark (Education and Engagement Manager)

BHSc (Nat), AdvDip (YT)