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7 09, 2016

Slowing Down the Progression of Type 2 Diabetes: We Need Fair, Innovative, and Disruptive Action on Environmental and Policy Levels!

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Over the past decades, we have observed an increase of prevalence of diabetes in many countries along with significant differences in prevalence trends between countries worldwide (1). In Europe and other Western countries, the prevalence rate reaches a plateau or has slowed down on the level of ∼8–10%. In Asia, a continuous rise in […]

22 04, 2016

Preventing type 2 diabetes: scaling up to create a prevention system

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Every day an estimated 280 Australians develop type 2 diabetes.1 By 2023, type 2 diabetes is predicted to become the number one specific cause of burden of disease in Australia.2 Policies and programs to support the prevention of type 2 diabetes need to be scaled up urgently if Australia hopes to limit or reduce the […]