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21 02, 2017

No more blame game: why we need to rethink what’s behind chronic disease

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The government and policy makers often tell the public that lifestyle problems such as obesity, and the diabetes often associated with it, are their fault; just be a bit more virtuous and you won’t get a modern disease. This victim blaming tends to absolve governments, health bodies and big business from any blame for [...]

16 08, 2016

3 minutes with Professor Garry Egger

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Lifestyle, environment and chronic disease - a confluence of causes This is the fifth and final part in a short series of interviews with the esteemed folk who spoke on August 11 at ‘An Evening with Dr David Katz. Lifestyle, environment and chronic disease: a confluence of causes.’ Co-hosted by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle [...]

13 04, 2016

When evidence and logic coincide

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When does evidence-based medicine (EBM) override logic-based medicine? More often than it should, according to a punchy piece in a recent edition of the British Medical Journal. Scottish GP, Des Spence, decries the defiling of the EBM model as a ‘loaded gun at clinician’s heads.’ He claims the drug industry has benefited most from EBM, [...]

12 04, 2016

The power of thought

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Professor Garry Egger on how the way we think influences our health Far be it for a humble Australian academic to critique a great French philosopher. But I’m sure if Descartes were alive today he would agree that his famous dictum, “I think, therefore I am,” could be made more snappy by adding, “…depressed, [...]