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Our thanks go to our conference sponsors and exhibitors without which this event would simply not be possible.  Organisations wishing to exhibit at the conference should contact us as early as possible as exhibition space is limited and will sell out well ahead of the event.

Please note: this page will be updated with 2017 sponsors as they join us.

nutrigenomix_logo-ENG-tagline-600Nutrigenomix Inc. is a University of Toronto biotechnology start-up company that is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and their clients with comprehensive, reliable, genomic information to improve health through personalised nutrition. Our comprehensive genetic test consists of 45 genetic markers that can impact weight loss & body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health, food intolerances, and eating habits.

Our international Science Advisory Board (SAB) consists of some of the most distinguished global researchers in the field of nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition. We are committed to ensuring that our genetic tests and nutrition recommendations are based on the most robust scientific evidence.

Our service is now available through over 3,000 healthcare professionals in 22 countries and our personalised nutrition reports are available in 7 languages. The customised reports are based on cutting-edge research and stringent standards of scientific evidence. We provide complete training and on-going support for healthcare professionals. For more information on becoming an authorised provider visit us at

sanitariumSanitarium Health and Wellbeing is uniquely positioned with its longevity of single ownership for more than 118 years as an Australian owned and operated company, committed to sharing health and hope for a better life.

Sanitarium passionately promotes full, abundant and ‘wholistic’ living that nourishes the whole being – body, mind, heart and spirit through a range of products, events and free accessible resources and nutrition advice for people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Its market-leading plant-based products include Weet-Bix, Up&Go and the So Good range of dairy-free milk alternatives, offering truly nourishing foods that meet the needs of consumers and inspire healthy food choices. Find out more at

Media partners

aust-docAustralian Doctor believes general practice is the cornerstone of the Australian health system, and recognises that quality primary care is a major determinant of the health of a society. We acknowledge the challenges faced by general practitioners within the complex Australian healthcare system, and use our voice to enhance the work and lives of GPs and their patients. We inform, educate and engage Australian GPs about all aspects of their professional lives, foster the GP community, lead discussion and work for a strong general practice. Visit Australian Doctor.

armchair_logoArmchair Medical was developed to overcome the tyranny of distance and deliver outstanding educational content in a timely manner (sometimes even live) to GPs, regardless of location.

We knew the content needed to be enjoyable to “consume” and reward the natural curiosity that educated adult learners bring to their learning experiences. There is something natural and engaging watching an expert discuss a topic they are passionate about.

In 15 to 30 minutes subject matter experts create an extraordinarily time efficient educational opportunity, combining their years of research and practical experience with the very latest published science. exists to deliver a wide variety of content from Australian and international subject matter experts in a format that is easy to consume and engaging to watch. Lectures are delivered directly to your in box regardless of where you live and practice, allowing you to learn from wherever you are.

Visit Armchair Medical.

Medical_Observer_logoOur mission is to keep you informed and connected with breaking news and opinion across a broad range of topics. For nearly 30 years, our dedicated journalists and Doctors have brought readers the most important developments in clinical practice, research and politics. Our new website continues this proud tradition delivering a personalised stream of breaking news, features and practice-shaping opinion – all tailored to each reader’s interests. If it’s important to primary care and happening now, you’ll read it first in Medical Observer.

pharmacy-newsPharmacy News has been the information source for pharmacy since 1967. Pharmacy News consistently breaks stories, delivers deeper news features, showcases thought-provoking and influential opinion writers, has the most readable clinical section and business and retail case studies to complete the picture.


interclinical400In the field of Nutritional and Natural medicines, InterClinical Laboratories is one of Australia’s leading practitioner aligned companies. We aim to improve and make a difference in people’s lives by delivering high quality and trusted healthcare solutions based on scientific evidence. We achieve this by translating our research and knowledge into innovative healthcare products and services.

InterClinical Laboratories has a passion for health and our enthusiasm and belief in a natural, holistic approach to health inspires us to excellence in everything we do. We do not compromise our integrity or honesty and are committed to achieving the highest possible standards personally, professionally and as a business. Our actions demonstrate our care, respect and compassion for our people, the broader community and the environment. For over a decade, we have been the leading provider for hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) services in Australia and New Zealand.

We are committed to our profession, to our clients and to the ongoing pursuit of quality analytical services using the latest, most advanced technology available. At Interclinical Laboratories, we provide the most reliable and comprehensive quantitative data on patient mineral balances. We offer a range of advanced and original supplements that are formulated by a team of skilled researchers, practitioners and technicians in the fields of complementary, herbal and nutritional medicine. Each product is created from high quality, bio-available, easily digested ingredients, we pride ourselves on the purity of our formulations.

InterClinical Laboratories is an Australian owned company and all ICL Health products are proudly Australian made.  Please visit for more.

NEW Oborne-721Oborne Health Supplies is a family owned and operated business with a corporate mission to provide health professionals with fast, efficient and economic access to safe, high quality natural, traditional and complimentary medicines and to provide ongoing professional education and support. Over 200 suppliers entrust Oborne to represent their products fairly and accurately so you are assured of informed and unbiased advice across a wide range of products. Find out more at


UnityHealth is an independent health information, education and technology consulting services company, specialising in Integrative Medicine. We aim to empower practitioners and healthcare professionals to combine the best of conventional and complementary medicines through the provision of our leading online education resources, IMgateway and iTherapeutics.

UH-IMGateway Logo_transparentThrough our active working partnerships with leading organisations, we provide the necessary tools and resources to assist practitioners, pharmacists, allied health professionals and industry providers deliver the best possible health outcomes. Since 1998, UnityHealth has been instrumental in a number of innovative medical resources and information tools for practitioners and their patients, in the area of evidence-based complementary medicine.

Our core strengths include:

  • Balanced, fully referenced, evidence-based information resource IMgateway, currently provided to over 10,000 doctors, naturopaths and allied health professionals throughout Australia.
  • Unique, industry wide product training and education platform iTherapeutics with over 33,400 registered users across 4,916 Pharmacy Stores in Australia.
  • The provision of online Continuing Professional Development (QI & CPD/CPD) and Learning Management.
  • Suite of innovative health solutions using industry standard technologies, tailored to the needs of the client; and
  • Associations and active working relationships with peak medical bodies, educational institutions and research based organisations.


FXMed150FxMed provides healthcare practitioners with cutting-edge nutritional research and products used by the world’s leading clinicians and research institutions. We partner with natural healthcare practitioners and support them with:

  • Pure and high quality nutritional supplements
  • Science backed nutrition research, to enhance health and preserve vitality for their clients

FxMed represents leading nutritional companies such as Thorne Research, Pure Encapsulations, Xymogen, Metabolic Maintenance, Nordic Naturals, Researched Nutritionals, Gaia Herbs & Ayush Herbs. We provide Australian practitioners an easy to use ‘patient ordering system.’ Our Technical Services Team comprises of qualified Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists. They are complemented by our Consultant who is an Integrative Medical Practitioner. FxMed offers ongoing practitioner education through webinars and seminars.

For more information please visit

ResearchNutrition300Research Nutrition is a privately owned company based in Brisbane, which globally sources the highest quality supplements and world-leading functional testing services for healthcare practitioners.

The successful combination of functional diagnostic testing with evidence-based supplementation represents a preventative approach to personalised health management, promoting optimal ageing and improved clinical efficacy.

Our purpose is to educate and assist practitioners in providing patient-directed treatment, rather than disease-directed. We promote the understanding of biochemical individuality; the interaction of our unique genetics, diet and environmental factors that can modulate our genes determining the expression of them.

For more information please visit



a2 Milk™ is pure dairy milk, completely natural and additive free. Most cows’ milk today contains 2 main beta-casein protein types, A2 and A1. a2 Milk™ comes from cows genotyped and selected for their ability to produce A2 beta-casein protein rather than A1. Before a mutation affected the ancestors of some modern European cows, all dairy cows produced milk containing only the A2 protein. a2 Milk™ does not contain A1 beta-casein, which can release the opioid peptide beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). BCM-7 may stimulate intolerance responses in susceptible individuals. As a2 Milk™ does not contain A1 beta-casein protein, it may assist with digestive wellbeing. Find out more at

ACPHARM200Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing custom-made medications to patients and doctors all over Australia. In 11 years of compounding we have made over 30 million doses, each one prepared specifically to the patient’s individual requirements. Our specialised expertise in Customised Nutrition, Hormone Therapies and Unique Dose Forms have helped us become Australia’s favourite compounder. Please visit

Australian Clinical Labs Functional PathologyClinicalLabsWeb provides specialised medical laboratory testing services to practitioners and their patients. Our goal is to assist in achieving and maintaining optimal health. Our tests provide essential information to assist practitioners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients seeking a holistic approach to health.

Functional Pathology testing can be used to:

  • Help to establish the contributing factors to disease or imbalance
  • Provide a tool for early intervention and management
  • Identify underlying causes of chronic unresolved symptoms
  • Establish baseline levels prior to treatment programs
  • Monitor patient progress and treatment efficacy

Our Functional Pathology tests are performed by a highly skilled team of scientific and technical staff in Australian Clinical Labs Pathology’s main laboratory, providing accurate results utilising most recent up to date research information.


BioCeuticals is Australia’s leading provider of practitioner-only nutritional and therapeutic supplements. As a progressive force in integrative health, BioCeuticals believes practitioner advice is key to optimal health treatment outcomes. 

BioCeuticals is dedicated to allied healthcare professionals and is committed to research, functional formulas and practitioner support programs. Our brand is guided by the principles of quality, innovation and integrity, and our products are based on naturopathic and evidence-based medicine.

Leaders in innovative supplements, integrative health, research and practitioner support. Visit for more.

biomedicaBioMedica is an Australian owned company dedicated to the research, development and production of world-class ‘practitioner only’ supplements. All BioMedica products exceed the most stringent quality control and GMP standards, contain only the highest quality and most biochemically active raw materials, and are formulated to contain minimal excipients. BioMedica places a strong emphasis on supporting healthcare practitioners in every facet of their practice, and promotes the financial viability of your business through our stringent ‘practitioner only’ sales policy.

Experienced and leading practitioners design, test and evaluate all of our products to ensure optimal clinical and therapeutic impact. BioMedica offers a comprehensive selection of core dispensary formulas, as well as those developed specifically to support various common clinical presentations. Our products feature in clinics specialising in fertility, adrenal health, gastrointestinal health, oncology support and beyond.

Qualified healthcare practitioners can apply for access to our practitioner only website, once registered you will be able to view information about BioMedica’s unique formulas, as well as have access to our leading technical support and educational materials. Please visit to register.

biologicaltherapiesBiological Therapies has over 40 years of sterile manufacturing experience, a TGA-licenced facility that produces TGA registered products under strict PIC/S Code of GMP.

Today Biological therapies occupies more than 90 000 square meters of factory space which includes separate sterile and non-sterile manufacturing facilities, chemical, microbiological and research and development laboratories, despatch area, warehousing and administration offices. The company currently employs around 40 staff.

Biological Therapies is totally committed to its clients. We ensure that our client’s expectations are continually exceeded by delivering the highest quality products, providing a friendly and reliable customer support network and very competitive pricing.

Biological Therapies is a pioneer in its field with a commitment to innovation and cutting edge product development. With international markets, Biological Therapies prides itself on being able to tailor solutions to meet market and individual customer requirements.  Visit for more information.

Cell_Logic_Logo_NoBG-600Cell-Logic as a science-based organisation is focused on producing evidence-based nutrigenomic supplements, nutraceuticals, functional foods and professional education. In this capacity, we bring to the clinical environment formulations which have been Developed by Nature and Validated by Science.

Our flagship ingredient, EnduraCell 100% whole broccoli sprout powder is second to none in its ability to yield bioactive sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is well-researched as a potent food-derived bioactive compound capable of upregulating the defence mechanisms of human cells.

Cell-Logic is a clear leader in its field, pioneering translational nutrigenomic research and professional education tailored to the needs of the practising clinician.  Visit Cell-Logic for more.

cobramestateEstablished in 1998, Cobram Estate is Australia’s leading olive farmer and the leading producer of award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

At Cobram Estate our passion for quality inspires everything we do. From tree to table, we take pride in protecting the integrity of our olive oil to ensure freshness, flavour and enjoyment. Our deep commitment to quality means we take care of every stage of production, from planting and picking, to processing and bottling. In this way you can be sure Cobram Estate’s award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pure and fresh, not to mention cholesterol and preservative free.

The health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil have long been researched and include; positive health effects on the cardiovascular system, action as an anti-inflammatory, the ability to reduce oxidative damage (anti-ageing) and an ability to assist with hunger cravings in weight control.

At Cobram, we can guarantee the health attributes of our Extra Virgin Olive oil because Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from premium olive varieties grown in our Australian grove, picked at optimum ripeness, and cold pressed within 6 hours of harvest using our proprietary technology. This is the Cobram Estate Promise.


Elevate provides holistic and integrated health care for individuals and organisations.

 We provide healthcare services through our integrated health and medical clinics in CBD and inner metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Elevate clinics are built around a patient-centred approach to healthcare which is respectful of and receptive to the needs, values and health goals of each person. We take pride in our teams of highly qualified and passionate integrative medical, allied and complementary health professionals.

In the workplace, assessments are undertaken across a range of indicators and health risks through employee interviews, questionnaires and health checks. Employers receive an aggregated de-identified report on various populations of employees and establishes a baseline on which we recommend targeted interventions delivered in the workplace. Employees receive a detailed Personal Healthcare Plan which includes diagnosis, treatment and maintenance programs with measurable outcomes, provided by a multidisciplinary team of practitioners.

Visit to find out more.


Fitgenes is an Australian company that has pioneered a genetic profiling system to identify the individual’s unique requirements for dietary, nutritional and lifestyle choices for personalised, long term health and wellbeing.

Our goal is to decrease the difference between lifespan and ‘healthspan’. That is, reduce the gap between the onset of chronic illness and total lifespan to ensure individuals can live healthy lives for longer.

Fitgenes provides education and materials to healthcare practitioners to interpret genetic profiles and develop personalised intervention programs for their patients. This assists with maximising potential for Healthy Living and Healthy Ageing.  Visit

The-Good-Brew-CoThe Good Brew Company is dedicated to an environmental and socially sustainable future. We offer sustainable solutions for breweries, and brew appreciators alike. We brew a delicious range of kombucha, jun and beer, shipped straight to your home or available at your local health food store and progressive bottle shop.

Based in Brunswick VIC, The Good Brew Company brews at multiple solar enabled breweries around Victoria and is always traversing new probiotic frontiers in brewing.  Read more at


HealthChange Australia is a niche consulting and training organisation and a thought leader in the area of embedding person-centred behaviour change and self-management support into health service delivery.

Its unique methodology improves health service delivery for increased adherence to evidence-based treatment and lifestyle recommendations leading to better patient outcomes. The methodology is particularly well suited to clinical consultations, care planning, care coordination and patient education and rehabilitation programs. It is also used as the basis for telephone-based disease management programs and for population health promotion interventions such as telephonic health coaching.

Our consulting services have supported dozens of community health programs and government, NGO and corporate health services to embed person-centred health behaviour change support in their service delivery in Australia and Canada. Over the last 10 years more than 8,000 clinicians and other health service providers have attended HealthChange® Methodology Core Training workshops.

HealthChange Australia is committed to delivering the highest quality consulting and training services within our area of expertise. All of our consultants and training facilitators are qualified health professionals and specialists in HealthChange® Methodology. Visit for more.

Ideal-Protein-Rite-4-Life-600The Ideal Protein Australia Wellness and Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol delivered through community-based medical professionals, incorporating 2 primary components: 1) healthy weight loss, and 2) lifestyle education, enabling long-term results.

Used by thousands of health and wellness professionals throughout the US and Canada, our turn-key, science-based, ketogenic program has been proven effective over 25 years by 7 million dieters worldwide.

Ideal Protein addresses insulin dysfunction, a primary contributing cause of many weight issues in modern society. Studies show our protocol delivers consistent results in burning fat, sparing muscle, impacting metabolic syndrome, restoring hormonal balance, and improving vitality. Find out more.

kingswayAt Kingsway Compounding we make unique medications, in conjunction with the practitioner that are specific for your patients needs.

The “art” of making unique personal medicines is called Compounding. Using a biomedical approach we specialise in compounding personalised vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, HRT and Chelation formulations and can reformulate conventional medicines to suit patient taste, dose, delivery route, form etc.

In our specialised compounding premises, we use pharmaceutical grade raw materials from GMP approved manufacturers that comply with USP/BP/EP/JP specifications to produce high quality and efficacious compounded products. Talk to our professionally qualified staff for your patients individualised treatment needs, we may just have the solution you’ve been looking for… ‘Customised medicines for your individual needs’.

Please visit


MDA National is a premium Medical Defence Organisation that supports, protects and promotes more than 42,000 Members/insureds*.

As a doctor owned mutual since 1925, we understand the challenges doctors may face and ensure their best interests are protected and supported with 24 hour medico-legal support, education we believe is unrivalled amongst Australian Medical Defence Organisations today, local presence and national support with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

The majority of our Members agree we are part of the medical profession and help protect their professional reputation*.  You can contact MDA National at or 1800 011 255.

*MDA National data 2015.

metagenics250Metagenics is the ‘practitioner only’ products division of Health World Limited – the Australian and New Zealand leader in research and development of specialised nutritional supplements for healthcare professionals.

To Metagenics, being the industry leader is about being the leader in the eyes of the practitioner – a position that can only be earned through consistent efforts to provide the most effective, highest quality products available, exciting innovations to the industry, consistent effective clinical results and the best service, support and education in our field.

In short, Metagenics believes the industry leader should set the standards to which its competitors aspire.

Metagenics – helping people live happier, healthier lives.

NTI MottoLogo MED

Natural Therapy Imports is an Australian company and our focus is on the supply of high quality evidence-based probiotics that are the very strains used in many documented clinical and pharmacological studies.

There is a point of difference with an evidence based product. We are able to provide Australian practitioners with the knowledge and confidence that our products are field tested and have extensive research to support them. From Australia’s only AUST R registered probiotic to the very Saccharomyces boulardii first isolated by Henri Boulard

  • Mutaflor® Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917
  • Yomogi® Saccharomyces cerevisiae (syn) boulardii HANSEN CBS 5926

Read more about the link between gut microbiota and metabolic disease in these papers:

Our products are often utilised by General Practitioners, Specialists and by other healthcare practitioners where evidence of microbiome disturbance will often present in symptoms of various disease states.

For more information visit us at

nPod logo med

nPod is the comprehensive prescribing manual for Australian and New Zealand health professionals and colleges.  Instantly view prescribing information on all practitioner-only supplements; over 60 brands.  Find the product you need with our prescribing guide, search and easy product comparison tools.  View upcoming seminars, educational podcasts and probiotic research.  You’ll never need a hard copy manual again!

nPod is designed from the perspective of the practitioner and is not affiliated with any health company manufacturer or distributor advertising on the site.  For more information go to

omni innovationOmni Innovation is an Australian food technology company that is passionate about medical nutrition.  Based in Melbourne, Victoria, we seek to find scientifically validated nutritional approaches to managing chronic and lifestyle diseases.

Our first product – a pre-meal drink for type 2 diabetes management – is seen as a significant advance in the management of type 2 diabetes, as it decreases the blood glucose spikes of high GI meals by 36.5%, and in the long term has a significant positive impact on Hba1c, the protein marker of blood glucose levels.  With over 420 million people around the world with Type 2 diabetes, there is significant international interest in this ground-breaking, scientifically validated approach. 

Supplied in Australia as Faulding GlucoControl™, this innovative lifestyle-based solution to managing type 2 diabetes is available in pharmacy now. Visit Omni Innovation

pressed-juicesPressed Juices was founded on the principle that we need a simple and effective means of nourishing our bodies, relieving us from the stress of everyday life and restoring ourselves to a state of wellbeing. We understand the difficulty of proper nourishment in today’s stressful and hectic world. At the same time, we realise the vital importance of giving ourselves optimal levels of nutrients to allow our bodies and minds to function at their highest levels.

rachel-arthur2Rachel Arthur is a leader in integrative nutrition and has been actively delivering her unique and empowering style of education for over 10 years. A contributing author to key integrative texts such as ‘Herbs and Natural Supplements – An Evidence Based Guide’  (Braun & Cohen) and frequently called upon to speak at medical & integrative conferences alike, her extraordinary depth of knowledge and engaging delivery style, make her contribution to practitioners’ nutrition knowledge-base substantial.  Her most popular presentations are available to purchase as CDs and DVDs, with accompanying electronic notes. Rachel also offers a subscription service to receive a monthly podcast, “Update in Under 30” to help you keep abreast of the latest must-knows in integrative medicine, with a range of great  topics delivered fresh to your inbox!  Find out more.


SIBOtest is a practitioner-owned testing facility located in Wilsons Creek, NSW, focusing exclusively on breath testing for SIBO and carbohydrate malabsorption. We use the Quintron BreathTracker – the gold standard testing equipment – and provide genuine Quintron test kits. Our dynamic team delivers excellent customer service and fast turnaround time for test results.

We demonstrate a real commitment to practitioners by providing an education portal which offers free education materials, patient handouts, and SIBO Masterclass courses. SIBOtest also provides an online database where SIBO treating practitioners can list their services. Our CMO, Dr Nirala Jacobi will participate as a core committee member in the 2017 International Breath Testing Forum in Chicago, USA. For more information about our services, please visit

wellness-coaching-australiaWellness Coaching Australia is Australia’s leading health and wellness coach training organisation, having trained over 3000 health and wellness professionals in the last ten years.  Run by a team of passionate people with a wide diversity of experience in both coaching and health and wellness, WCA is at the forefront of an industry that is poised to grow rapidly.

Meeting the needs of many, their training program draw from theories of Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology and is essential  training for anyone working with clients who may be resistant to, or struggle with, behaviour change. .  Wellness Coaching is a holistic and structured approach and will assist many who suffer debilitating conditions as well being a huge factor in preventing further increases in poor health due to lifestyle habits.

Visit Wellness Coaching Australia for more.