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Lifestyle Medicine

Around the world

ASLM is proud to be an active member of a cohesive global Lifestyle Medicine movement, spearheaded by the American College, the European Organisation and ourselves. We acknowledge the work of our sister organisations around the world.


LMGAUnited in both philosophy and action, we are collectively members of the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance, all working towards improved prevention, management and treatment of chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions by addressing the underlying behavioural, environmental and societal causes, in a multidisciplinary, multiple systems approach including clinical, public health and all levels of our respective health systems. Visit


aclm-300The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) is the medical professional association in the United States representing physicians and medical professionals who are dedicated to the advancement and practice of Lifestyle Medicine as the foundation of a transformed and sustainable healthcare system, wherein lifestyle is used as a therapeutic intervention to prevent, treat, and even reverse the majority of chronic diseases by addressing their underlying causes. Through development and promotion of educational events, tools, resources and campaigns designed to further the mission and message of lifestyle medicine, ACLM supports its members in their individual practices and in their collective desire to domestically and globally promote Lifestyle Medicine as the first treatment option, rather than a first option of treating symptoms and consequences with expensive, ever increasing quantities of pills and procedures. ACLM members are united in their desire to identify and eradicate the cause of disease. Visit for more information.


AsianSLM-400The Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2015 by 10 Founding Members—all medical professionals, representing various Asian countries. ASLM will serve as the umbrella to network with the various regional country societies, such as ASLM-India, ASLM-Malaysia, ASLM-Philippines, ASLM-South Korea, etc. All will promote and implement the values and objectives of Lifestyle Medicine. Members will be active not only in their respective regions but also in both ASLM and ACLM. THE ASLM logo shows the Founders’ vision to join hands in Asian countries to support ACLM in the implementation of Lifestyle Medicine. To lean more, visit the Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine at


ASLM-logo-landscape1As one of the earliest pioneers of the Lifestyle Medicine movement, the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) is active in Australia, New Zealand and internationally. ASLM provides advocacy, representation, education and training for doctors, allied health practitioners, public health professionals, researchers and educators working towards improved prevention, management and treatment of chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions. We aim to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to clinical practice and health policy. ASLM welcomes the membership and participation of health professionals both in the region and overseas.


abramev-180The Brazilian Association of Functional and Lifestyle Health / Brazilian Association of Lifestyle Medicine (ABRASFEV/ABRAMEV) was founded in April 2015 by a group of health professionals interested in changing the history of chronic diseases in the country of Brazil. Citizens of Brazil are suffering, as never before, with a high incidence of obesity and all linked comorbidities. Diet, exercise, stress control, life in community and environmental aspects are the key areas of focus. For information about the annual conference of AVRAMEV, visit


bslm-600The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is in process of being approved as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. It is delighted to be part of the global movement of Lifestyle Medicine.  The BSLM aims to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to health and wellbeing by promoting the prevention of avoidable lifestyle-related diseases, by advocating treatment of diseases of the 21st century with a holistic approach and by influencing health care and health policy. Raising awareness of Lifestyle Medicine principles and providing leadership and support for healthcare practitioners is a primary objective. The BSLM acknowledges that there are social and environmental determinants of disease which should be addressed at national and international level. The BSLM intends to play its part.  For more information about the BSLM, visit


CALM-300The Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine (CALM) is a non-profit organization started by ordinary people within the health care system who are concerned about the epidemic of chronic illness and disease. CALM provides a forum for evidence-based information, resources, advocacy, education, research, discussion & practical tools. Through communication & connection with others who believe in health through healthy living, CALM promotes a philosophy of care that focuses on effective LIFESTYLE CHOICES as the first line of treatment and prevention. KEEP CALM and JOIN the REVOLUTION! Visit to learn more.


ELMO-Logo-1The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO) is a scientific society dedicated to research, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and lifestyle-related diseases (syn: noncommunicable diseases NCDs). The goals of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization are to prevent lifestyle-related chronic diseases, improve the management of people who have these diseases through professional education and research, and to develop guidelines, standards and policies that promote optimal patient care and health. ELMO promotes evidence-based medicine and a systems-based approach to chronic diseases. For more information, visit


DGLM-300The German Society for Lifestyle Medicine (GSLM) is the medical society for preventitive and lifestyle medicine in Germany. We support and conduct research into the effects of lifestyle (diet, stress, exercise, sleep) on human health and develop lifestyle interventions to fight lifestyle related diseases, especially NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases such as diabetes, depression, stroke, cancer and cardiovascular diseases). A free course for German speaking professionals can be found at: providing an overview of why lifestyle is the best medicine, why it’s not widely used in the medical system and how to help patients / clients to change their lifestyles. For more information in German, visit


ISLM-200The Israeli Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ISLM) was established in order to promote a healthy lifestyle as a tool for increasing control of health and management of diseases. In addition, it was found that physicians may serve as efficient role models for healthy life style behaviors. They influence patients’ behaviors by adopting healthy habits and communicating them to their patients. ISLM experts have created a syllabus for teaching lifestyle medicine that has been acknowledged by the Israeli Medical Association. It is a novelty since, up until now, an academic syllabus for teaching lifestyle medicine was not available. ISLM was founded by family physicians, as part of the Israel Association of Family Physicians in the Israeli Medical Association. For more please visit


ILMA-600The Italian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ILMA) represents the Italian chapter of the international Lifestyle Medicine community. As well as its sister organizations the goals of the Italian Lifestyle Medicine Association are to prevent lifestyle-related non-communicable chronic diseases and improve the management of people who have these diseases through professional education and research, and develop guidelines, standards and policies that promote optimal patient care and health. Founded in 2015 in the home of Mediterranean Diet, ILMA community is growing rapidly and its Board has immediately organized and supported the first Lifestyle Medicine courses at Italian universities. For more information, visit


KSLM-250The Korean Society of Lifestyle Medicine (KSLM) was founded in February 2015, aligning with the vision of American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) and the goal of Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM). KSLM has been established to advance Lifestyle Medicine in Korea for the sake of improving the quality of patient care and positive health outcomes among the Korean population. The KSLM Logodepicts the vision to promote health, prevent disease, and increase healing and wellness among the Korean population in a holistic way by providing continuing medical education, conducting necessary research, practicing evidence-based knowledge, supporting health care services, and inspiring a movement of healthy and well lifestyle culture in a nation and beyond. The official website is scheduled to launch early 2016.


LSLMThe Lithuanian Society of Lifestyle Medicine was established to address the non-communicable diseases epidemic in Lithuania and around the world. To achieve this, we have invited the associate healthcare professionals: all specialties, including physicians and nurses, public health, complementary and alternative medicine and other specialists (dietitians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists) who have obtained a university degree, to actively participate and work in the new field of clinical medicine – lifestyle medicine. The primary aim of the new society is to promote lifestyle medicine principles to medical staff, society members and the health care system structures. Members are actively involved in the development and implementation of the clinical practice personalized lifestyle medicine programs. We assist universities in the lifestyle medicine science and advanced training and professional development.


PCLM-300The Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine (PCLM) is part of the vision of the founding members of the Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) to create in all Asian countries represented by the members, national professional organizations on Lifestyle Medicine that will continue the movement of treating the causes of disease through changes in diet and lifestyle. The mission of PCLM is to continue the values and objectives of Lifestyle Medicine in the Philippines. Soon to be registered as a legal professional organization in the Philippines, the PCLM will seek affiliation with the Philippine Medical Association to be recognized as a medical specialty organization with its own constitution and by-laws, certification for residency training programs, practice competencies and clinical guidelines. Our logo shows the unity in diversity of local culture and dialect in the Philippines as represented by the tree top with the different shades of green and among the leaves, upholding a mango, the national fruit of the Philippines, to represent health and the fruit of our labor, we aim to restore the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health of the Filipino.

Lifestyle Medicine